Swelling And Pus Out In The Cleavage?

Illustration of Swelling And Pus Out In The Cleavage?
Illustration: Swelling And Pus Out In The Cleavage? healthreflect.com

I’m a guy in my 30’s. Often wear tight pants and sit for too long. So that there is swollen area in my butt cleavage. Over time runny and pus out. What is the name of the disease?

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Hello Ryan, thanks for asking.

The use of pants that are too tight is not recommended, both for women and men. Pants that are too tight cause the temperature and humidity of the buttocks and genitalia to increase. The skin becomes more sweaty and if sweat cannot be absorbed by clothing, sweat will accumulate on the folds and cause moisture. The humid and wet conditions make it easier for microorganisms to multiply, the skin becomes easily irritated and infected. Infection can be caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites.

We cannot determine the type of your disease without direct examination. Some possible conditions that you experience for example:

cellulititis (inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue).
buttock abscess.
fungal infections (tinea).

and many other possibilities. You should consult directly with your doctor. The doctor will check the condition of your skin, cleanse the wound, and prescribe the right medicine. You should not start applying or taking any medication without doctor's advice. Improper use of drugs can cause side effects and bacteria that are resistant to the drug.

In addition, the use of pants that are too tight can reduce blood flow to the skin of the buttocks, groin, and thighs due to pressure on blood vessels. It makes the skin condition is not optimal, so if there is a wound, the skin will heal for a long time. The important thing you know too is, using pants that are too tight will cause the scrotum (testicles sac) is located too close to the body, so that it will be exposed to body temperature that is hot constantly. This can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm, so that it can lead to infertility. You should reduce the use of pants that are too tight. Choose a good size pants and choose pants made of cotton so that it absorbs sweat.

Hopefully this answer can help. Regards.

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