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Night. I am a man of 32 years. I have a history of ambein. Yesterday I had a relapse and I gave it an ultraproct drug. The hemorrhoid is better. But then I felt incredible pain and I checked for myself and found that there was swelling around the anus. The question is what is the effect of ambein? A good medicine to reduce swelling and pain? Need surgery or not? Thank you in advance.

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Swelling or bumps in the anal area accompanied by pain and a history of previous hemorrhoids can be a marker of the same medical problems as well as others. Possibilities include:

Fissura ani
Fistula ani
Latex condyloma
Anal polyps

To be able to determine the appropriate treatment requires a thorough examination to assess your clinical status.

For a while,

Drink plenty of water
Expand eat fiber, fruit, vegetables, gelatin
don't push too much during the chapter
Avoid too long on the toilet stool

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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