Swelling At The Piercing Wound?

Illustration of Swelling At The Piercing Wound?
Illustration: Swelling At The Piercing Wound? i.redd.it

night, r nI 5 days ago pierced the upper ti earrings (cartilage). the 2nd day after my ear piercing didn’t hurt. Then on the 3rd day after piercing, I pulled the mask strap not carefully so that it injured the ear piercing, my ears became sore and reddened and until now on the 5th day my ears are getting swollen (no lumps like keloids, only swelling) and my jaw is close cheeks also hurt especially when chewing is it okay? r nthank you

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From the information you have conveyed, a history of trauma from the cartilage ear piercing area can be the cause of this complaint.

When you have just undergone the piercing process, it shows that the healing process of the piercing area is still ongoing and means that the inflammation process due to the piercing is still there. Trauma from the friction or rubbing of the stick you are using is likely to cause new injuries to your ear.

Therefore, if you feel complaints of pain, redness, and swelling, it is possible that the new piercing area has an increased inflammatory process, or it may even be contaminated with bacteria, causing the risk of infection.

However, this needs to be confirmed directly by your family doctor or surgeon to know firsthand the condition of your ears. The doctor will examine and confirm the condition of your wound. If the swelling has festered, further treatment can be done. However, if the swelling has not been accompanied by pus, then the wound treatment and care can be carried out by your doctor.

If you do not immediately consult or postpone the examination, then you may risk that the recovery will take longer and cause scarring.

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