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I have swelling at the top of my throat, is it a tonsil ?? Treat it using what, if I see a doctor I do not have money And I have one more docBola My eyes are right, he is slightly upward while the left is right in the middle of that “why, Until now I have not seen a doctor because I have no money, and I also from dok village. Please help, hopefully HealthReplies.com can help me

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Hello Ms. Nizar Pahlevi Quiliem Thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com. Has the swelling occurred in the last few years? Is it accompanied by pain, body fever and other symptoms? Your information is very minimal for us, so we can only explain briefly about the possibility of clinical conditions that can be related to your condition.

If a lump in the throat appears without being accompanied by other common symptoms, then the possibility of the condition is harmless and nothing to worry about. However, if there is another symptom, then the possibilities that occur include:

swollen lymph nodes due to infection: can be due to viral and bacterial infections, which can occur in the ears, sinus infections, tonsillitis, inflammation of the throat, infections of the teeth and infections of the scalp inflammation in the throat strained muscles increased stomach acid post nasal drip cysts goiter Psychological problems You can monitor your condition independently by knowing symptoms that can be dangerous signs such as:

changes in the size and shape of the lump have ulcers or mouth sores on the mouth more than three weeks have a cough or hoarse more than 2 weeks difficult to swallow in a period of several weeks weight loss without cause of pain that can not be explained and lasts long If you feel symptoms like what we have to say so we suggest you should consult directly with your doctor or ENT doctor. However, if there are no other symptoms, then we recommend to:

maintain throat health by consuming hygienic foods and drinks multiply consumption of water at least 2L per day avoid exposure to cigarette smoke rest the throat when experiencing inflammation speak slowly when communicating with your interlocutors. For your second problem, the difference in the position of the eyeball or called a squint (strabismus) is a condition where the two eyes do not move in the same direction and appear to move in different directions. This is due to the muscles around the eyeball not working together, so the result is that one eye looks at an object and the other eye points in a different direction to focus on another object. If this is not resolved then one eye that is not used to see optimally can be ignored by the brain so that in the future the eyes may not be able to see well, this is called amblyopia or lazy eye.

Causes of strabismus that occur in adults include because:

diabetes Grave's disease GBS / Guillain-Barre Syndrome injury to eye poisoning due to stroke shellfish traumatic brain injury loss of vision due to eye disease or other conditions. We can not be sure exactly whether your condition is included in the diagnosis that we submit, because we do not conduct a direct examination on you, therefore we recommend consulting an ophthalmologist to be able to do a complete examination such as:

physical examination especially eye examination in detail examination of the brain and nerves test cover / uncover corneal light reflex examination of the retina eye examination standard visual acuity If indeed necessary, then to treat the condition is to use glasses, other than that will be put a cover on the eyes that do not work well, so that the eye does not become lazy / amblyopia which will then be difficult to handle. If there is no improvement, it is necessary to do eye muscle surgery. While what can be done at home to deal with squinting eyes are:

good eye training to strengthen and balance the two eyes using a blindfold to close the eyes that are not functioning properly / weak manage your stress well do exercise and keep your diet in order to stay healthy and nutritionally balanced. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can answer your questions. thanks.

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