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good morning ,, nI want to ask, I have 6 days experience swelling in the buttocks, d said but there was no boil .. really y pain, sitting all the way hurts, I guess what pain, and what medicine, please help y, thanks.

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Hi Rahma,

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Swelling around the buttocks is likely there are many triggers. If this swelling causes you to feel pain, here are some scars to look out for:

Skin and mucous infections around the anus, for example due to boils, abscesses, genital herpes

Inflammation of the skin or mucosa around the anus due to other causes (besides infection), for example due to insect bites, contact dermatitis, drug eruptions
Other disorders around the anus or rectum, for example hemorrhoids, anal fissure, proctitis
Benign or malignant tumors around the anus or rectum
Post-injury around the anus, including due to excessive impact or sexual intercourse (especially anal sex), and so on

In the meantime, you can first overcome the swelling and pain in your buttocks through several efforts, for example by taking paracetamol, keeping the buttocks and surrounding area clean, soaking in warm water, and not doing anal sex. However, if this step still does not succeed in alleviating your complaints, we recommend that you consult your doctor directly so that the best solution is provided. , endoscopy, biopsy, laboratory, and so on.

Hope this helps ...

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