Swelling In The Lower Left Jaw And Left Neck?

Illustration of Swelling In The Lower Left Jaw And Left Neck?
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Night, I am frida for several months that my lower left jaw is swollen and my left neck is swollen and my left chest is sometimes painful and has difficulty breathing into my left eye and sometimes it hurts, in the last few years, when I wake up in the morning my neck hurts the same and my left ear is hot in the past. swallowing pain and swelling too, then used to often dizzy and hair loss, if you may know that why?

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Hello Erna, Thank you for the question.

The following are some of the possible causes of your complaints:

1, Swollen jaw and neck can be caused by:

mumps, which is a viral infection of the parotid gland infection of the tuberculosis tooth lymphoma gland 2. Chest pain can be caused by various health conditions that can be accompanied by other symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever, shortness of breath, palpitations, flatulence, and others. Left chest pain can be caused by heart disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pleural effusion, pleurisy, acid reflux disease, anxiety disorders, and others.

3. Neck and shoulder pain when waking up in the morning is generally caused by muscle tension due to poor sleeping position, for example the pillow is too low / high, the mattress is too soft, and others. Try changing your pillows and mattress, sleeping on a mattress that is a little hard which can help provide support to your spine. Improve your body position to become more comfortable. Don't forget to manage stress well.

4. Dizziness can be interpreted differently by each person, it can be a sensation of spinning, a sensation of losing balance, or a sensation of fainting. Some of the causes of dizziness are benign paroxysmal vertigo, infection of the middle ear, reduced blood pressure, low blood sugar levels, allergy, dehydration, side effects of drugs, and others.

5. Some of the causes of hair loss are nutritional deficiency, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, side effects of hair care products, side effects of drugs, psychological stress, and others.

These complaints may relate to one another but may also not be related. If this complaint has been going on for some time and interferes with your daily activities, please consult your doctor immediately for further examination and treatment. Without a doctor's examination, it is impossible to know the cause of your complaint.

Please do the following suggestions:

keep your hair clean, avoid rubbing the scalp too hard avoid using hair care products for a while more consumption of nutritious foods avoid sudden body changes to avoid dizziness keep your body hydrated every day exercise regularly Hope this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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