Swelling In The Right Thigh That Appears Accompanied By An Increase In White Blood Cells?

Hello … my 1 year 8 didn’t have a fever and I checked for swelling in the right. push the white drh cells up to 40 and the red drh low 7. that swelling is possible … is this just a germ outbreak or a sign of leukemia?

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Need to be clarified, what is the exact level of white blood cells and red blood cells in your child's blood?

Swelling in the right thigh that appears accompanied by elevated levels of white blood cells (more than 15000 cells / mm cubic of blood in infants) most likely indicates an infection. There are several types of infections that cause symptoms of swelling in the right thigh, for example folliculitis, abscesses, cellulitis, and so on. This infection can occur primary, or also secondary to the initial abnormalities that appear on the skin, for example after stab wounds, burns, insect bites, contact dermatitis, and so on. In addition to swelling, skin infections around the thighs often will also make the skin look reddish, containing pus if the cause is bacterial, feels warm, and feels painful. Not only that, this infection also often makes babies become feverish, more fussy, and have trouble sleeping.

Various other types of infections, not only infections of the skin of the thighs, can also cause elevated white blood cell levels. Unfortunately, you do not explain exactly what the levels of white blood cells and red blood cells in your baby's blood are. Therefore, it is difficult for us to identify possible causes. In addition to infections, white blood cell levels can also increase due to other causes, such as malignancy (including leukemia), immune disorders, and so on. Leukemia can also cause swelling and bruising on the body, including in the thigh area as your baby is experiencing at this time.

Without checking your baby directly, it is difficult for us to identify the possible cause of the complaint. Our advice, consult directly with your doctor or pediatrician so that your baby can be handled properly according to the conditions. At this time, you can compress your baby's thighs that are swollen with warm water. Avoid over-handling with dirty hands, avoid also carelessly massaging or giving any treatment without advice from a doctor. Always give your baby healthy and nutritious milk and MPASI. Give her clothes that are clean, loose, and keep the surrounding environment clean.

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