Swelling In The Surgical Scar?

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My doctor wanted to ask, how to get rid of the bump after the operation. the first operation is around the buttocks but not in the rectum, the second operation is also on the buttocks, but after the second operation, the first surgery is instead swollen removing yellow fluid, thank you doctor for the solution

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Hello Joe,

Thank you for the question.

It should be clarified, what operation did you actually undergo before?

There are many surgeries that can be done around the buttocks, with the risk of complications which varies. Therefore, without knowing clearly what operations you have previously undertaken, it is quite difficult for us to determine exactly what your current condition is, especially to provide the best treatment.

Postoperatively, some of the side effects that often appear and are usually marked with a swollen or festering bump (discharge yellowish fluid) usually are:

  Secondary infection in the former operation
This condition usually results from poor personal hygiene, extensive and / or deep surgical wounds, and endurance. In addition to swollen and suppurating lumps, secondary infection in the former surgery will also cause painful, reddish, and warm scars when touched. It could also appear systemic complaints such as fever, chills, and muscle aches as well as joints. Keloids
This condition arises because the scar tissue after surgery wound that grows too much, eventually forming a black mass, protruding, also extends beyond the size of the previous surgical wound. Although not dangerous, keloids can also be infected secondary so that they swell and fester. Other conditions that do not always occur are related to their operations, for example other skin infections, benign or malignant tumors, hemorrhoids, anal abscesses, and so on. Due to the lack of information that you provide, we recommend that you go to a doctor or surgeon directly to get the right solution for your condition. In addition to giving medicine, your doctor will also be able to perform wound care, surgery, or direct you undergo investigations (such as blood tests, biopsies).

Hope this helps ...

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