Swelling Of Injectable Immunization In Infants Does Not Go Away?

In the morning, my baby is now 3 months old and has already received a second immunization injection when he was 1 month, but why is the injection swollen until now even getting bigger and redder? pdhl some days after the immunization did not look swelling, how is the solution to cure swelling? beforehand thanks for the answer the doctor …

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Some types of immunization can be given by injection. Not infrequently, after immunization, injection marks can become inflamed, so that it looks red, swollen, bruised, and feels painful. This is generally normal due to inflammation caused by the injected vaccine component. If there are no other complications, these signs of inflammation can improve on their own in 1 to 3 days through the following steps:

Compress the injection with warm compresses or ice cubes Do not over-massage the area of ​​the injection site Always keep the injection site clean and dry Do not give baby clothes that are too tight so that the injection marks do not experience excessive friction However, if the swelling and redness of the immunization injection appears to be getting bigger, and this condition does not improve until weeks after immunization, you should not underestimate it. Most likely, this condition occurs due to secondary infection at the injection site. If you do not get good treatment, this infection can develop into cellulitis, or even spread to other distant organs. Check with your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that his condition can be examined and treated further. That way, the risk of dangerous complications can be avoided. Before seeing a doctor, it is not advisable to give an arbitrary medicine or ointment to the baby.

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