Swelling Of The Breasts

Illustration of Swelling Of The Breasts
Illustration: Swelling Of The Breasts

Good afternoon doc. In early 2018 I had a FAM operation on my left breast. Then I married and already had a daughter in 2019. However, because of the former FAM operation in my breast, it caused the nipples to sink. This made me feel insecure plus the midwife and family’s talk that said I could not breastfeed without nipples caused me to experience baby blues syndrome in the first 2 months of birth. And I am not breastfeeding my child. At present, my child has been 4 months, and on the advice of my parents-in-law, I injected my family for 3 months. And according to the midwife, it was not a problem. On the 30th of March I injected the family back. But the next day I had a feverish fever and pain all over my body. Then healed by itself the next day. But on April 3 I was feverish again. On the 4th I began to feel unwell, especially in my left breast. The 5th appeared bump under the nipple. On the 6th my breasts became swollen, my redness felt hot and itchy even to this day. The body also feels weak and painful all over the body. What I want to ask, is this due to my injection or because I am not breastfeeding my child? Or symptoms of a dangerous disease? Please advise doc. And what should I do

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Basically, the presence of breasts that are not properly emptied (which can cause blockage of the milk ducts and mastitis) or family planning injections can both cause swelling in the breast. However, the swelling characteristics are different. Swelling that occurs due to family planning injections is usually felt thoroughly in both breasts as you feel breast swelling when you are pregnant or before you experience menstruation. Swelling that occurs because the breast is not emptied (especially if accompanied by obstruction of the milk outlet and mastitis) usually only occurs in one breast (or sometimes both), swelling is also less complete in one breast (for example, only at the top or lower, right or left breast only), and the pain felt sharper and will increase if there is a reflex expenditure milk. Usually this swelling can also be accompanied by feeling unwell, feeling like a fever or even really having a fever when mastitis has occurred.

Seeing the symptoms that you experience, the possibility of feeling unwell (chills) accompanied by swollen breasts that you experience is caused by breasts that are not properly emptied while breastfeeding. You actually don't need to worry too much about your nipples coming in. Women who have nipple retraction can still breastfeed normally as women with normal nipples. Breastfeeding with nipple retraction is quite difficult in the beginning, but when you are accustomed to placing the baby's mouth in your breast and when the baby is also accustomed to breastfeeding, the baby's sucking will pull your nipples out by themselves.

You should try to breastfeed your baby more often. Feed from the painful breast first, and position the baby under your breast so that the baby's sucking is stronger and can help get rid of the blockage in your breast. Compress your breasts with warm compresses and do gentle massage on your breasts, especially before breastfeeding. If the baby is having difficulty attaching, you can try to pump your breasts first so that your nipples come out more. If the baby is having difficulty breastfeeding, then you can also pump your breasts to expel your milk so that they do not accumulate and clog your breasts again.

If you get a fever and your breasts swell until they look red and are very painful, (or until they are pus), go to the doctor immediately.

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