Swelling Of The Feet And Genitals?

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So this I checked with the doctor and the doctor said I had an infection that caused the kidney to leak protein so that fluid came out of the kidney so my leg was swollen and I was given antibiotics. But I just realized that my genital skin was also swollen. But does the swelling in the leg get to the genitals? Is it because of the kidney or not? If so, how is the treatment?

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Protein (especially albumin) has a function, one of which is to hold fluids in the blood vessels (human blood has a solid component or blood cells and also a liquid component). When a lot of protein is released from the kidneys, there is nothing to hold this fluid in the blood vessels. This fluid can infiltrate the blood vessels into the surrounding tissue, causing swelling or edema.

Edema due to leakage of this protein can occur throughout the body (not only in the legs). Swelling can also occur in the scrotum, on the stomach, on the face, on the hands, etc. The swelling that you experience in your genitals is most likely due to your kidney condition.

For healing, you must first restore your kidney condition. When the kidney condition has improved, the protein does not leak anymore, slowly the swelling will also improve. You can help reduce swelling in the lower waist area by elevating your legs while you sleep. You can prop your legs up to your buttocks with a pillow so that it is higher.

Also share these symptoms with the doctor who treats you so that they can also be evaluated for the swelling in your genitals.

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