Swelling Of The Gums?

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My gums were swollen yesterday I went to the dentist and they said wisdom teeth were growing.. then the doctor just gave me medicine.. can I get completely cured by taking medicine or do I have to remove my wisdom teeth..??rnThank you

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Swollen gums are experienced by many people. Symptoms of swollen gums are marked by swelling, redness, often accompanied by very annoying pain.

The cause of swollen gums can be due to several possibilities such as:

plaque buildup
gingivitis: infection of the gums
viral or fungal infection
scurvy: lack of vitamin C
Tooth impaction: the tooth that will grow has no space so malposition occurs

To determine the exact cause, an immediate examination must be carried out by a dentist, so that an in-person examination can be carried out. If you have checked with the dentist and it is said that the wisdom teeth are growing and you have been given medicine, to reduce swelling of the gums, you must continue with the medicine. After the medicine runs out, you should check back with the same doctor, to see the development of your gum condition, whether you need follow-up, whether you need tooth extraction or not.

When the condition is swollen, the initial treatment is by taking medication that serves to reduce inflammation or swelling, and it is not recommended to extract teeth when the gums are swollen.

Some things you can pay attention to in its current state:

keep your mouth clean
brush teeth 2 times a day
Avoid eating foods that are too hot or too cold
increase consumption of vegetables and fruit
check or check with the dentist every 6 months
avoid smoking
Read about swollen gums

hope it's useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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