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Hello, I want to ask about my brother-in-law who is currently being treated in the hospital for dengue fever and has been tested positive by the doctor at the hospital. What I asked after 2 days of hospitalization for platelets, HBs, leucocytes, hematocrit fluctuated and experienced quite severe shortness of breath, it turned out that after a rongent was carried out there was an enlarged heart which the doctor said was the cause of shortness of breath experienced by my brother-in-law. We have been given furosemide 20mg / 12 hours to reduce fluids and reduce heart swelling, but still short of breath too. Note that there are no cardiac specialists, only interns who handle my brother-in-law. Do I have to change hospitals to be treated by a heart specialist or what? While the dengue fever has not yet recovered, the latest lab results (hb = 16.2, erythrocytes = 5.65, leukocytes = 7.5, hematrokit = 50, platelets = 44).

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Dengue fever is a disease caused by the dengue virus and is transmitted by the Aedes aegepty mosquito. The main symptom of this disease is fever, and the results of investigations usually show a low platelet count or below 150 thousand.

Although the complications can lead to death, handling dengue fever only requires drinking lots of fluids, adequate rest and taking fever-reducing drugs to help relieve fever.

In the case of your brother-in-law, shortness of breath that arises can occur due to complications of dengue fever, which occurs due to plasma fluid leakage, but it can also be due to heart defects, liver disorders, acute kidney failure, asthma and so on. To find out this, a more complete evaluation is usually carried out using a heart record or EKG, X-rays, blood tests or ultrasound.

If after this the specialist doctor says that this is caused by an enlarged heart, ideally he should also be handled by a cardiologist, especially if he is quite old. However, it should be noted whether your brother-in-law's condition deserves to be transferred to another hospital. If he was exhausted, very weak, and such, we think it would be better if he stayed in the hospital first, because the patient who was transferred in an unstable condition would be very dangerous for his life.

Meanwhile, what you and your family can do is help medical personnel to always monitor your brother-in-law, making sure how much fluid is coming out, whether it is vomiting or urinating, and how much is coming in. Also pay attention to the appearance of bleeding on the gums, black bowel movements, or the like. May your brother-in-law get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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