Swelling Of The Legs After The Accident?

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Afternoon, sorry to ask .. my father had an accident and in the lower leg swollen .. how do I relieve the swelling .. given ointment or what ??

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Swelling in the legs after an accident can be a mild condition, but it can also be dangerous. It should be clarified beforehand, besides swelling, does your father also experience other complaints, such as the asymmetrical shape of the foot, open sores, numbness, inability to move the feet, severe pain, and so on? When exactly did the accident happen? What is the mechanism of the accident like?

Injuries to the skin, muscles, joints, tendons, bones, and surrounding tissue in the leg area after the injury can both cause swelling. But of course, each of these conditions can have different levels of severity, some are sufficiently dealt with natural treatment at home, there is also a mandatory further doctor's care (such as joint dislocation or broken bones). Therefore, only armed with short information as you mentioned, it is difficult for us to determine the right treatment. You should first check your father to a doctor or a specialist in orthopedic surgery so that the condition is examined more deeply, for example by X-ray examination or CT scan. That way, the potential for more serious tissue injuries can be detected and treated earlier.

For now, you can help your father do the following trick first:

Compress swollen feet with ice cubes
Do not massage or over-move swollen feet
Elevate swollen feet, such as by blocking using a pillow
If it hurts, give your father paracetamol
Do not carelessly apply or give any medicine to your father without a doctor's prescription

Semoag help huh ..

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