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Hello. I have a KGB swelling in the neck. There are several. Already antibiotic therapy is not deflated. Then I was biopsied by surgery. I got the biopsy results. Non specific chronic lymphadenitis thank God there is no sign of malignancy. By Dr. My surgery was given no more medication because swelling occurred because of an infection that had been long and didn’t need to be given medication. My question is whether the lump can disappear on its own? Does it not cause cancer? I already asked the doctor but a little bit satisfied heheh Please answer yes. Regards

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Hello Khairun.

Swelling of the lymph nodes (lymph nodes) can be caused due to various causes. From your situation, if you have done a biopsy and found non-specific chronic lymphedenitis, then it is usually not dangerous. The enlargement of the KGB only occurs because of a buildup of chronic inflammation. In the case of non-specific chronic lymphadenitis, there is usually no need for treatment such as antibiotics or other treatments. However, if inflammation in the KGB is caused by autoimmune treatment may be required with certain antihistamines or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Chronic non-specific lymphadenitis without any signs of malignancy rarely causes cancer. The important thing is to maintain a lifestyle, apply a healthy lifestyle such as consumption of vegetables, fruit, drink enough water, and it is important not to smoke.

Control your doctor regularly according to a schedule so that your doctor can monitor the progress of your condition regularly.

The following article you can read about lymph nodes

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