Swelling Of The Mouth To The Face After Dental Care?

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Hello, a few days ago I intended to replace the front dentures. After I checked with the doctor, it turned out that the rest of the natural teeth inside had an infection, so it was cleaned and patched temporarily. After 2 days the teeth ache and begin to swell in the mouth area up to under the eyes. Yesterday I checked with the doctor again, he said it was normal because of the treatment of infected teeth, then the patch was opened and had to be treated. Teeth no longer ache but swollen not flat. Is that okay ?? How to reduce swelling ??

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Hello Pipit Anggraini, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

Dental care does require extra attention. Besides being related to cosmetics / appearance, teeth also certainly function to destroy food in the mouth so that food is more easily digested by our digestive system. If there are problems with the teeth, of course the process will be disrupted and the pain caused can also interfere with our daily activities.

In your case, more information is needed regarding the condition of your teeth before using dentures and the reasons for using dentures, whether due to perforated teeth, porous, or broken teeth. Infection of the teeth that you experience can indeed cause inflammation and make pain (especially if inflammation reaches the inside of the tooth / pulp that contains blood vessels and nerve tissue). Usually the doctor will take care of your natural teeth so that they don't experience back pain by 'turning off' and removing the nerve tissue in the tooth. This action is also called root canal treatment.

As for swelling on the face, this can indeed be one of the symptoms of a dental infection that occurs. If the infection of the teeth is spread, there can be a tooth abscess (buildup of pus around the teeth) and inflammation can also extend to the cheeks, or the surrounding face. In addition to inflammation due to infection, the condition of the swelling on the face can also occur due to several other things, for example due to allergies to drugs or food (usually swollen on the lips to the eyes, looks reddish, and can feel itchy). In addition, a history of trauma or impact can also cause swelling. However, because you experience complaints of pain in your teeth, it's likely that the swelling on the face is related to the condition of your teeth. You do not need to worry, if it is caused by a problem in the teeth, if the infection or inflammation has healed, the swelling will deflate and will return to normal.

To reduce the swelling that occurs, you can do a cold compress on the swollen part at the beginning of the swelling. In addition, you can also take anti-inflammatory drugs (according to your doctor's recommendations). Antibiotics also need to be taken so that the infection / source of the main problems can be resolved (if caused by a bacterial infection). Spend and take antibiotics that have been given as directed to reduce the risk of bacterial immunity against antibiotics.

Meanwhile, maintain oral health by:

brush your teeth at least 2x a day (after breakfast and before going to bed at night)
avoid foods and drinks that can stimulate pain
reduce the consumption of food / drinks that are damaging to teeth, for example soda, alcohol, and others
routine control to the dentist according to the doctor's orders

You can also read the following article: Dentures, These Things You Need to Know.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you get better soon.

Greetings healthy.

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