Swelling Of The Right Tonsil?

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I want to ask that I am a 19-year-old woman with swollen right tonsils that are painful and dry. the size of the left and right tonsils is different from the right, and blushes. At the bottom of the right jaw when I touch it hurts. To swallow the pain even if it’s just water. also did not happen. is this just an ordinary inflammation or is there another possibility of the disease that I experienced ?? Please help

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Hello Nia

Swelling of tonsils or tonsils does not always have to be accompanied by complaints of cough, runny nose, phlegm, fever, and headaches. Although the frequent inflammation of the tonsils is closely related to these symptoms it returns to what is the cause of the inflammation of the tonsils.

If the cause is a bacterial infection, then symptoms such as fever, headache, pain in the neck / tonsils, cough often appear compared to inflammation caused by a viral infection generally have milder symptoms than an infection caused by bacteria.

Besides tonsillitis can also be due to trauma such as pricking a thorn or because of irritation from the food consumed, usually swelling of the tonsils is only limited to symptoms of inflammation (pain, swelling, red).

Even so the swelling of the inside of the oral cavity and neck should not be underestimated, because there is a medical condition with similar symptoms that has the potential to close the respiratory tract if you do not get proper treatment, so the best step to do is to check with your nose doctor and throat to ensure that Nia's condition is not dangerous. Because it is difficult to understand the condition that Nia experienced without doing a health check first

Some tips and advice for Nia trying to do is

Gargle with warm water mixed with a little salt, or can also use mouthwash 2x daily antiseptic Expand drink water Avoid consumption of oily foods and which can become small flakes such as crackers, chips, etc. Avoid also consuming cold drinks and drinks with artificial flavors and sugar (synthesis) Brushing your teeth with the correct techniques at least in the morning after breakfast and before going to bed at night Hopefully useful

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