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I really understand your anxiety about your brother's situation. The spleen is an organ located in the upper left abdomen, and is very important for protecting the body from all kinds of infections (it functions as an organ that regulates the immune system). Apart from being the immune system, the spleen also functions in the regulatory system for red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells, namely:

clean red blood cells that have been damaged, old and damaged
store 1/3 passokan platelets in the body.
helps recognize and attack pathogenic materials / foreign objects that attack the body
The spleen helps ensure harmful microorganisms leave the blood
in the fetus, the spleen functions to form red blood cells

Swelling of the spleen or splenomegaly is a condition in which the spleen in the body is enlarged. Sometimes the initial symptoms are not very visible, when it has turned into a serious condition, the common symptoms that result from swelling of the spleen are such as fatigue, easy bleeding, discomfort in the upper left abdomen and sometimes radiating back and shoulder blades, feeling full on the stomach / easily full.

Many things cause the spleen to become swollen and enlarged, including:

Infection. Divided into viral infections (mononucleus), parasitic infections (toxoplasmosis and malaria), bacterial infections (abscesses, syphilis and endocarditis)
cancer. An enlarged spleen is usually a sign that there is a malignancy growing in the body, most commonly the disease that causes the spleen to swell is leukemia (blood cancer) and lymphoma (lymphoma), or even metastasis (spread) of cancer cells from other organs in the body.
liver disease such as cirrhosis of the liver

inflammation such as sarcoidosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis

trauma / injury for example in blunt trauma to the stomach
other diseases such as hemolytic anemia, cysts, heart failure, amyloidosis.

From the explanation of the doctor who handled your sister, it has been informed that there is liver cirrhosis in your sister's body, this means that the existing liver cirrhosis is the cause of the enlargement of the spleen. So that symptoms such as a decrease in Hb will appear due to a massive overhaul of red blood cells due to an enlarged and enlarged spleen.

Cirrhosis is scar tissue that grows on the liver, where this scar tissue will damage healthy liver tissue. Liver tissue that turns into scar tissue will cause the liver to fail to carry out its functions, one of which is as an organ that produces protein in the blood. Albumin is one of the proteins produced by the liver, and must be circulated throughout the blood to maintain the balance of blood plasma concentrations, so that there is no accumulation of fluid in the tissues / tissue swelling (edema).

Treatment of the spleen is of course carried out in accordance with the underlying cause, if the enlargement is due to an infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, whereas if there is an enlarged spleen which is categorized as a severe condition, there is a big possibility that a splenectomy is carried out, but of course it is accompanied by the following considerations. other according to the existing condition of the patient so that after the splenectomy it does not result in things that are dangerous and threaten the patient's health.

To find out more clearly about how the process of your sister's symptoms and their underlying causes, you can re-consult with the doctor who treated your sister, so that you can also find out about the therapeutic procedures that were carried out on your sister's condition. A little information about specialist doctors that we can convey regarding the condition of your sister's disease, including you can consult an internal medicine doctor and an oncologist.

That's all the information we can convey, thank you.

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