Swelling On The Face Around The Eyes And Ears Due To Itchy Surgical Scar?

Illustration of Swelling On The Face Around The Eyes And Ears Due To Itchy Surgical Scar?
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, I want to ask. A few months ago my father had a torn leg that had to be sewn inside and out. Then before recovering, it feels very itchy, and for a few weeks itching became irritated and runny around the former stitches. Then a few days later, the eye area, temples, and ears have swollen. So that was taken to the health center and received an injection. Then the wound on my father’s leg dried up, but the swelling was getting worse (than before), but it was painless and painless. What to do? Thank you, please help 🙂

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

Periorbital edema is a condition of swelling in the tissues around the eyes. The main cause of periorbital edema is inflammation which causes fluid to accumulate around the eye tissue. This condition can take place acute or in chronic time. Periorbital edema is not a diagnosis of disease, but rather a symptom of the part of an underlying disease.

Some conditions that cause periorbital edema include:
1. Mononucleosis: viral infection
2. Irregular sleep: either prolonged sleep or short sleep can cause fluid retention around the eyes
3. Foods high in salt: can cause fluid retention
4. Allergic reaction: imposes inflammation in capillaries
5. Skin diseases
6. Thyroid disease
7. Periorbital cellulitis: is an emergency condition in which an infection of the skin and eyelids occurs
8. Conjunctivitis: inflammation of the conjunctiva due to bacterial, viral, or allergic infections
9. Nephrotic syndrome: kidney disorders that cause fluid balance disorders

In addition to physical examinations, investigations may also be needed to help diagnose the cause of this condition. The recommended examination can be a blood test, thyroid function, allergy testing, skin biopsy, or CT scan depending on the suspicion of the diagnosis.

Treatment will also depend on the underlying cause of the results of these examinations.
If complaints have not diminished, you should consult again with your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment.

That's all, hope you can help

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