Swelling On The Fingers

Illustration of Swelling On The Fingers
Illustration: Swelling On The Fingers

Hello doc I want to ask why yes suddenly there was swelling at the edge of my ring finger

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The existence of complaints of swelling on the ring finger that you do not know the cause, may be caused by inflammation or ingress of nails in the skin area around the nails, or also called ingrowing nails. Ingrowing nail is a process of excessive nail growth so that it enters the skin tissue and pierces the skin tissue around your ring finger nails. The entry of this nail can cause injury and cause inflammation.

When these wounds become inflamed and contaminated from germ or microorganisms, these wounds and inflammation will become infected and can cause pus accumulation even in small amounts. In the early stages, pus usually does not appear, and does not cause pain. In the initial stages of a complaint that is felt usually appears swelling in the area around your nails, redness can then be felt. If the treatment in the area is not optimal and the nails that enter the skin tissue are not cleaned, then complaints can increase causing infection due to bacterial contamination. Therefore, if you experience this complaint, immediately treat with an antiseptic or iodine to help clean the pest, then look around the swelling, if there are protruding nails, if any, clean your protruding nails and treat them every day.

Some risk factors for increasing ingrowing nail complaints are:

Nail bit frequently
Cut nails too short
Cut nails are not neat
Perform nail care with chemicals that might cause irritation or clipped nails

Because I have not done a direct examination of your ring finger, it is necessary to consider several other possible causes. Apart from ingrowing nails, several other medical conditions can also trigger the same complaint, such as:

Scratch wound
Trauma or injury to your finger area
Stab wounds of foreign objects, such as needles, wood, or thorns
Fungal infections of the nail area

Therefore, to ascertain all possible causes of complaints that you feel, it is important that you do a direct examination to your doctor. The doctor will do a physical examination and evaluate the condition of the swelling in your finger. If according to the doctor who treats you need a procedure to remove pus (if there is pus in the area), then the doctor will take action to open inflammation in the skin and pus deposits on your skin. Thus, the inflammation process will soon improve and this complaint does not bother you. If according to your doctor, treatment is enough, then you can continue the treatment that your doctor has planned, and take control according to your doctor's recommendations.

For now, treat this swelling, use an antiseptic and cover your finger with gauze to protect it from collisions or contact with unhygienic conditions.

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