Swelling On The Head And Getting Bigger After Being Hit?

Illustration of Swelling On The Head And Getting Bigger After Being Hit?
Illustration: Swelling On The Head And Getting Bigger After Being Hit? brainline.org

Good morning, r nI want to ask why the swelling in my head was getting bigger, huh? And my head hurts to the back of my head, I also couldn’t sleep for 2 days because my head hurts. R n love.

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Hi Zelsky,

Trauma to the head area due to a blow, impact or accident should get an examination and treatment as soon as possible to prevent complications that will arise in the future.

The condition of the head injury itself is divided into 3 groups

Minor head injury: generally the patient is conscious and signs of reduced nerve function are minimal
Moderate head injury: the patient's condition starts to look drowsy until he is unconscious, begins to show a decrease in nerve function, the patient begins to find it difficult to communicate
Severe head injury: the patient is unconscious, there may be extensive damage or bleeding in the brain area
In addition, fractures or fractures of the skull can also occur

Symptoms that arise when you have a head injury include:

Headache, neck, shoulder to back pain
Nauseous vomit
Blurred vision
Ringing in ears
Losing balance
Difficulty moving body parts

You should immediately consult a doctor to the emergency room. To ascertain the effect of the blow that occurred and the degree of head injury that occurred, direct physical examination by a doctor is required. The doctor may also recommend a CT scan to determine the condition of the brain after the injury, which is more specific and accurate than a head X-ray which can only see the condition of the skull. Then if the results of the examination show a minor head injury, the doctor will continue to observe closely for 24 hours after the head injury to determine whether any further symptoms occur (in the form of severe headache, nausea, double vision, difficulty speaking, unconsciousness, etc. )

After experiencing a head injury and not getting proper treatment, it is possible that symptoms of neurological disorders can arise in the future, which can include memory problems, emotional control disorders, vision, hearing, and other problems, depending on where the brain area is injured. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not ignore the headache that you are currently experiencing.

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dr. Budiono

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