Swelling On The Left Cheek And Neck?

Initially thrush on the inner upper lip. Then there is a swelling of the inner left cheek. Then there is a small gland in the neck on the left which hurts excruciatingly, just below the left jaw. It was torturous when chewing food. Does that hurt? Thanks

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Canker sores that appear can be painful and irritating. In medical terms it is often referred to as stomatitis. Stomatitis can be caused by several things including:

lack of vitamin C
lack of vitamin B12
lack of iron
Hand Food and Mouth Disease
accidentally bitten while chewing
too hard when brushing your teeth so that it injures around the mouth
due to the use of braces

The form of canker sores can be in the form of white or yellowish blisters or it can be a swollen lump on the inner wall of the mouth or lips.

Lumps in the neck may be caused by enlarged lymph nodes. These glands are normal in everyone with a size that is very small as big as a pea seed, and can normally enlarge when the body is experiencing inflammation or infection. But it is also possible that the enlargement of the neck is:

TB gland
dermoid cyst

To determine the exact cause of what you are experiencing, you should go directly to the doctor at the hospital, if necessary, additional examinations such as blood tests are recommended to support finding the diagnosis.

Some things you need to pay attention to:

avoid things that can make canker sores worse
avoid consuming foods that are too hot
avoid foods that are too spicy
use a soft toothbrush, brush your teeth slowly not too hard
avoid eating foods that are too hard
maintain oral hygiene (brush your teeth at least 2x a day)
gargle after eating
avoid coffee and smoking
multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit
enough to drink water at least 2 L a day

read things related to thrush

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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