Swelling To Pus On The Upper Lip?

Illustration of Swelling To Pus On The Upper Lip?
Illustration: Swelling To Pus On The Upper Lip? Bing

Good night. My doctor wants to ask, my mother arrived “her upper lip is swollen, over time” it is getting more swollen and has pus inside, has been treated and the swelling has deflated, but now it is swollen again in the jaw, the swelling is hard like bone. guess “what disease is it, and what is the cure. Thank you, good night.

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Hi Ifrad,

Symptoms such as swelling of the upper lip and then pus may be due to conditions such as: Abscess or formation of pus under the skin due to an infectious process. Cellulitis or skin infection that can later develop into an abscess. Furuncles or boils, which are hair roots that experience infection and then develop into pus. Swelling in the jaw that feels hard may be due to: The spread of infection to the gums causes gingivitis or inflammation of the gums, which can also then form abscesses or pus in the gums. The spread of infection to the salivary glands or partotitis in the cheek which can then form an abscess in it or an inflammatory reaction blocks the flow of glandular production causing swelling. Osteomyelitis or inflammation of the jawbone.

Risk factors for infection can be such as collisions or untreated wounds, irritation of the skin surface or infection of the surface of the skin being scratched so that more and more germs enter to infect, cavities, poor oral and dental hygiene, decreased body resistance due to diseases such as diabetes mellitus (urinary). sweet).

It is advisable to go to a dentist or an oral surgeon for a direct examination of the mouth and jaw area, besides that, other further examinations are needed such as blood hematology examinations, blood sugar examinations, X-ray examinations of the facial area, to CT scan or MRI if necessary. Actions that can be taken include giving antibiotics, giving anti-inflammatory drugs so that inflammation can be reduced, adequate therapy if there is diabetes such as the use of insulin, and surgery if necessary.

What can be done at home such as eating nutritious food, drinking enough and resting to increase endurance. Brush your teeth regularly and the right way, use fluoride toothpaste and use mouthwash. Avoid scratching your teeth or gums. Avoid foods containing sugar. Routinely take medication and control until real improvement and healed.

Immediate treatment is important because it is feared that the spread of infection produces pus or abscesses around the jaw and neck will block the airway or the infection has the potential to cause severe infection (sepsis) so that it requires immediate treatment to the doctor.

Hopefully useful and get well soon. Click the article: Diseases that can cause swollen cheeks.

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