Swelling Under The Ear On The Side Of The Right Jaw?

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Tonight, I wanted to ask, I initially had pain in the gums, my gums were swollen because there were teeth in them (wisdom teeth), then I had a history of tonsils, which I wanted to remove, but I didn’t want surgery, after that, my existing teeth I want to remove it inside the gums but have to be x-rayed first, this afternoon I drank cold, it felt sore, after aching I felt like my jaw shifted, it was hard to eat and it hurt when I opened my mouth, there was swelling under the ear beside the jaw, I was taking amoxan 500mg, cortidex 0.5mg, and alaxan fr (ibuprofen 200mg, paracetamol 325mg), please help … thank you ….

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Hi Nezzedha,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Pain in the area around the jaw is like a shift that feels severe enough to cause difficulty eating and opening the mouth accompanied by swelling in the area below the ear to the side of the jaw, possibly indicating an infection of the bad tissue around the jaw, or in the medical field it is called submandibular cellulitis. This condition can occur due to bacterial infection. Usually, this infection spreads from the area of ​​the teeth and mouth, for example due to cavities, tooth abscesses (including what often occurs in impacted wisdom teeth), gingivitis, or it could be due to infection of the throat and tonsils (tosylopharyngitis). This infection can spread to the submandibular area (mandible) either percontinuitally or via the bloodstream and lymphatics. As a result of infection, not only pain and swelling, your jaw area can experience redness, induration (hard), warmth, fever, causing you to have difficulty speaking, chewing, or swallowing food. This infection is very susceptible to occur, especially in those who have problems with the immune system, for example because they suffer from HIV, diabetes, malnutrition, or are accustomed to taking long-term steroid drugs.

In addition, it is possible that the complaints you are experiencing at this time occur due to other factors, for example parotitis (mumps, parotid gland infection), sialadenitis (salivary gland infection), tonsillopharyngitis, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), peritonsillar abscess, malignancy, lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes), and so on.

Have you ever checked your current complaint to a doctor? Where do you get the drugs from?

If you have never seen a doctor before, you should not take drugs carelessly. You can take OTC drugs such as paracetamol to relieve pain and swelling. However, not with other drugs, because these other drugs are not included in the group of over-the-counter drugs, so their use is only safe if you do it under a doctor's supervision. Therefore, check with your doctor first. Possibly, in a condition that is suspected of being serious, the doctor will direct you to undergo supporting examinations, for example X-rays, blood tests, ultrasound, to take tissue samples from the swelling that appears for microscopic examination.

In the meantime, first do the following:

Compress the jaw, ears, and surrounding areas that are sore and swollen with warm water, do not massage excessively Take paracetamol to reduce pain and swelling Take a break from exhausting activities Raise your head during sleep Take a bath diligently and brush your teeth regularly Rinse with mouthwash antiseptic after brushing your teeth Increase consumption of soft textured foods first to minimize the constraints of chewing and swallowing food. Hopefully this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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