Swelling Under The Tongue?

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, some days on the bottom of my tongue it feels sore and painful. I see something swollen. Is this dangerous? How is the cure? Thank you

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Hello Dyhms, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Swelling that occurs under the tongue can be caused by several conditions such as:

Infection of the salivary glands under the tongue
Blockage of salivary ducts due to saliva stones

Salivary gland cyst
Sjorgen's syndrome (an autoimmune disease)
and several other possibilities

To find out exactly which causes are causing your complaint, you should check your condition to the doctor or dentist for further evaluation. The doctor may conduct certain examinations to determine the cause, only then can be determined exactly what causes the complaint and also the right treatment to overcome it. Regarding whether this situation is dangerous or not, it depends on the cause, so it needs to be known with certainty before your doctor can determine whether the disease is dangerous or not.

Regarding treatment, the most appropriate treatment depends on each cause, such as:

If you have an infection, the best treatment is to provide anti-infective drugs, depending on the cause of the infection such as antibiotics for bacterial infections
If you experience blockage due to salivary stones, the most appropriate therapy is to remove the stone
and others

In the meantime there are some things you can try to do such as:

Eating foods that are nutritious enough and balanced
Consume acidic candy to help increase the flow of saliva
Avoid pressing force on the swelling
Consumption of drinking water a minimum of 8 glasses per day
Keep your teeth and mouth clean

I hope this helps.

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