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Illustration of Swing Perr
Illustration: Swing Perr

Doc, the two-month-old baby, he uses the swing swing, is it allowed?

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Swinging movements often make the baby feel calm, comfortable and liked by the baby so often the baby eventually falls asleep on a swing. Use of swings in infants is permitted, as long as they are not swung too hard, swings are hung tightly and safely for the baby, and avoid sudden jerking movements on the baby's head. Excessive shocks must also be watched for baby's safety. So the use of swings in infants must be accompanied by close supervision of parents.

The thing that most parents should be aware of is that the shock is too hard and sudden so that it can rub the baby's head. It usually occurs when the parent plays with the baby by shaking the baby or throwing the baby in the air. These activities can cause shaken baby syndrome. The resulting impact when a baby shaken syndrome occurs is brain damage to death. Therefore, we as parents must supervise every activity of the child. Make sure all activities are carried out properly and safely, from playing to sleeping.

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