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In the afternoon, I want to ask that my lower front gum is swollen and raised. This has happened for 2 days. It doesn’t hurt much, but it’s just strange that there’s something swollen under my mouth. Is this dangerous? Is there another way besides gum cutting surgery? thank you

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Hello Patypatricia,

Swollen gums can indeed cause discomfort, causes that can cause the gums to become swollen include:

Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) Infection (can be caused by a virus or fungus) Malnutrition or vitamin C deficiency Increased gum sensitivity due to the use of certain toothpastes Consumption of certain types of drugs such as corticosteroid drugs, anti-epileptic drugs, calcium blocking drugs, and contraception hormonal Pregnancy Cigarette consumption The use of dentures or other improper dental equipment Generally if swelling of the gums is still relatively mild and can only be treated by paying special attention to oral hygiene such as:

Brushing teeth twice a day Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits Avoid consumption of foods that contain high sugar levels, smoking, alcoholic beverages Compress with cold compresses on the swollen gums Replace toothpaste that may be a cause of swelling of the gums First stop the use of drugs possibly can cause swelling of the gums. However, you should first consult directly with your doctor about the types of drugs that are routinely consumed and the possibility to replace with another type. Cleaning dental plaque done by the dentist. Cleaning the area around the roots of the teeth and between the gums, to help remove bacteria that is performed by a dentist If the complaint still occurs after the steps mentioned above immediately check your gum condition directly to the dentist to get a medical evaluation and proper treatment.

Next, I attach an article about swollen gums to help add information.

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