Swollen And Throbbing Gums?

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Hi, my left gum is not good, I use it because it has been perforated, 3 days my gums are swollen, initially not throbbing ,, after the teeth are broken (not loose, only broken about 3mili) now my gums are swollen and throbbing, what should I do? Thank you..

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Gums are the supporting tissue of the teeth, normally pink and tight. Some conditions can cause the gums to become swollen or inflamed, causing pain and other complaints such as bad breath, accumulation of pus, and so on.

Some causes of swollen gums:

Bacterial / viral / fungal infections
Dental plaque that has accumulated
Lack of vitamin C
Teeth are sensitive to certain types of toothpaste
Side effects of certain drugs

To find out why the dentist must do a direct examination of your teeth and do other checks needed such as dental X-rays. Considering that Corona virus infection is on the rise, it's a good idea to postpone seeing a dentist unless an emergency occurs such as bleeding gums that don't stop. As a suggestion, you can contact your dentist via mobile. If you really have to see and you have respiratory symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, fever, and so on, wear a mask.

For that, things you can do at home are:

Keep your teeth clean by brushing your teeth regularly and if necessary use dental floss
Change your toothpaste if it is sensitive
Stop drugs that cause swollen gums
Expand to eat fruits and vegetables
Compress with cold water

That's all, hope it helps

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