Swollen Cheeks Due To Salivary Glands.?

Illustration of Swollen Cheeks Due To Salivary Glands.?
Illustration: Swollen Cheeks Due To Salivary Glands.? aafp.org

Hello, I want to ask, my cheeks are swollen, I have gone to the doctor and asked this is a salivary gland, the doctor said caused by a virus, then given medicine. But it’s been almost 4 days still sick. Can you help you be healed? Can you massage / press the swollen cheeks? Does smoking and eating spicy foods also be banned? thank you

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Hello Risen, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

The infectious disease in the salivary glands due to a virus intended by your doctor may be a disease called parotitis. This disease will generally cause typical symptoms in the form of swelling of the cheeks accompanied by pain with a peak of pain around the first 1-3 days and compounded with activities such as chewing, swallowing, or talking. Other symptoms that can accompany are such as fever, aches in the body, decreased appetite, headaches and others.

In general, this disease is caused by a viral infection, there is no specific drug that can eliminate this disease. Generally, the infection will disappear by itself in about 2 weeks. Drugs given by doctors are generally to help alleviate the symptoms caused by this infection.

Besides medicine, there are several other things that can be done to help cure such as:

Get plenty of rest Increase drinking water Avoid hard foods or require more effort to chew because it can aggravate complaints Avoid consuming acidic foods because it can stimulate salivation that can cause pain Compress the swollen cheeks with cold compresses or warm compresses to help reduce pain Regarding your question, you should not massage or press the swollen cheeks, because it will aggravate the pain, but will not speed healing.

Regarding cigarettes and spicy food you should also avoid it first because smoking is proven to reduce endurance, whereas this disease really needs the role of the immune system for the healing process, while for spicy food, this food can also stimulate salivation which can cause the onset of pain in the salivary glands that are experiencing the infection.

For now you should try to do the things above accompanied by taking drugs that have been recommended by your doctor to help the healing process and to avoid complications from the disease due to viral infections.

I hope this helps.

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