Swollen Cheeks To The Right Accompanied By Headaches And Bleeding In The Mouth?

… I want to ask like how to deal with a swollen disease on the right cheek. Pain to the head. From the mouth to the blood. Solusix what..trimaksih.

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Need to be explored further about complaints of swelling in the right cheek area that you experience. Keep in mind since when swelling in the right cheek is experienced, the location of swelling in the right cheek experienced, is there any other location of swelling in the area around the cheek, the size of the swelling, other symptoms experienced (pain, fever, cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, pain on the cheek area, bumps that accompany the swollen area on the cheek), history of impact or trauma, history of allergies, and history of treatment that you have done to reduce symptoms.

Swelling of the face or cheek can be caused by several possible causes, including collision or trauma to the affected area, infection of the sinus area in the cheek area, infection of the teeth and gums especially in the upper jaw near the swelling area, disruption of the gland saliva, tumors in the related area, or malignancy. It is recommended to consult a doctor regarding further examination and management.

To deal with your condition, consulting a doctor is important because it needs to be done to identify the underlying cause of your complaint, bleeding from the mouth can indicate injury or trauma to the area, but it can also be caused by disorders of the teeth and gums. After the examination, it can be considered for a dentist examination if found abnormalities in the oral cavity, teeth, and gums.

Avoid taking self medication without doctor's instructions, avoid consuming food that is too hard, avoid dirty environment, can use a mask when going out, avoid pressing the parts that feel swollen, keep the oral cavity clean by regularly brushing teeth at least twice a day with Toothpaste contains fluoride.

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