Swollen Child’s Eyes Accompanied By Red Cheeks After Contact With Cats?

Illustration of Swollen Child’s Eyes Accompanied By Red Cheeks After Contact With Cats?
Illustration: Swollen Child’s Eyes Accompanied By Red Cheeks After Contact With Cats? cdn.cdnparenting.com

Hello, So my child is sick. His eyes are swollen and his cheeks are red. What is that because of the cat … because my child has a cat. ?

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Swelling in the eyes and redness on the child's cheeks can indeed occur related to your child's contact with cats. How did this happen?

Some children have allergies, or excessive sensitivity, when in contact with or inhaling certain substances. As a result, the body will be stimulated to produce a variety of chemical mediators, including histamine, which can cause edema and vasodilation of blood vessels. These conditions can cause your child's eyes to swell and his cheeks to turn red. Not only that, in the body of a cat, for example in fur or saliva, there can also be harmful microorganisms that can infect the eyes and cheeks skin, so that complaints arise that your child is experiencing at this time.

Apart from being a cat that often comes into contact with your child, it may also be that your child's complaints arise from other causes, such as allergies to other allergens, insect bites, irritation, infections, preseptal cellulitis, and so on.

To be clear, you can check your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be given appropriate treatment. Frequently, mild conditions will improve simply by administering several types of drugs, for example anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics (if suspected complaints occur due to bacterial infection), and so on.

For now, help resolve your child's complaints in the following ways:

Compress the child's swollen eyes and reddish cheeks with cold water
Do not hold or squeeze the eyes and cheeks that have excessive complaints, especially with dirty hands
Wash your child clean, wash your face with soap for children
Position the child's head higher during sleep
Not carelessly giving, applying, or dripping drugs on children without a doctor's prescription
Make sure that cats that are in contact with children are always kept clean, vaccinated completely, and regularly checked with a veterinarian

Hope this helps ...

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