Swollen Ears Accompanied By Green Discharge?

Illustration of Swollen Ears Accompanied By Green Discharge?
Illustration: Swollen Ears Accompanied By Green Discharge? healthline.com

Hello doctor, I want to ask … I have pain in the inside of the ear due to injury while cleaning it with a cotton bud, but over time the wound is swollen, discharge green and my ears become deaf … is this due to a viral infection? then what is the solution?

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Trade caused by the ear is also called otitis. Previously need to know the parts of the ear, outline divided into 3 parts, namely the outer ear, teng ear

ah and inner ear. This infection can certainly be caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Here are some causes that can cause complaints of discharge in the ear:

Trauma or external otitis injury, inflammation of the external ear. Otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear. Injury can occur between cotton buds or other devices inserted into the ear canal in order to clean the ear canal, but the tool is pushed too deep until the eardrum ruptures and occurs. infections resulting from ear discharge accompanied by hearing loss. Another condition is when there is an increase in air pressure, for example when you're on a plane or doing diving diving. This activity often causes pain, even in some people can cause rupture of the eardrum.

The discharge from most is caused by ear infections. Basically why the ear can release fluid, which is if the cause of infection of germs, viruses or fungus that made it into can cause infection then the fluid in the middle ear will collect. The collection of fluid eventually creates pressure and push until one day tore the eardrum so that the fluid will flow out of the ear.

When trading occurs in the external ear, the part of the auricle to the ear canal until the eardrum is also called otitis externa. Symptoms that arise are usually, namely:

Pain especially when the earlids are pulled Itchy Clear, odorless clear liquid, but if left unchecked and the infection spreads it can produce discharge like pus. Pain is also felt when the tragus (bulge in front of the ear hole). Ear is pressed. Hearing loss at a later stage. Fever if the infection has spread. While the muscular media is a middle ear infection that can be caused by infection, most infections are caused by bacteria. Usually otitis media begins with complaints of cough and cold. The following symptoms appear on otitis media, namely:

Fever Lacking ear pain, feeling unwell Hearing loss Fluid coming from the ear Handling will certainly be done based on the cause and the degree of fatigue that occurs. To determine the cause of the need for direct examination of your ear, usually by using an autotcope to see the condition of your ear canal and eardrum, then the doctor may ask for a hearing test on you. Therefore, you should immediately consult the condition to a ENT doctor (ear nose) throat so that the appropriate treatment steps can be determined for you.

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