Swollen Eyelids Due To Insect Bites?

Illustration of Swollen Eyelids Due To Insect Bites?
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Good afternoon, I want to ask. My first eyelid was bitten by a small tick when I camped, suddenly it was swollen when I went to the clinic, he said the stye was given ointment and medicine to drink. But until now it has not been cured if the night is often itchy and you don’t realize it is swollen again in the morning. How do I get better? The problem is a bit insecure about going anywhere with swollen eyelids. Thank you

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Hello Sultani

Insect bites can make the skin surface swollen, this is because these bites will certainly make small wounds on the skin, or because these bites contain stingers / toxins that cause allergic reactions or irritation so that the surrounding tissue becomes swollen too.

In addition, the presence of small wounds, bacteria and viruses that are outside the body can enter through the wound. Stye itself is a condition where an infection occurs in the eyelid, which generally occurs in those who often use cosmetics that are not suitable for use (expired), go to bed without cleaning the cosmetics that were previously installed, or are experiencing inflammation of the eyelids, such as a wound. .

Sultani is expected not to rub the part that is sick, because when rubbing it will create new inflammation which will hinder the healing process.

Stye treatment lasts about 7-20 days, so you are expected to remain patient to use the medicines as recommended by your doctor. However, if there has been no improvement or it is getting heavier, it would be nice if Sultani went back to an eye specialist so that further studies could be carried out. Because after all there are conditions of stye that cannot be relieved by just administering drugs, but require minor surgery to overcome them.

Another suggestion for Sultani is to apply warm compresses to the sore eyelids, for 15 minutes about 2-3 times a day, you don't need to press them when compressing. Avoid rubbing and looking at objects shining brightly for a long time, such as cellphone screens, TVs, and monitors.

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