Swollen Eyes And Lips, And Pulse Color Seen.?

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Hello, I’m dina, I want to ask about my child, a 7-year-old man, 1 month ago, when the heat is hot, his face and body are red, the veins will look very long (so his face is blue, his body is swollen), his eyes are swollen, his lips are swollen too. . That’s why? Thanks ..

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Does the blue face and body condition accompanied by swollen eyes and lips occur continuously or disappear?

If indeed the appearance of disappearance arises only when the weather is hot, chances are that your child is experiencing angioedema, which is swelling that appears due to leakage of fluid from blood vessels to the surrounding tissue. Angioedema most often occurs around the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

This condition can be a hereditary condition (heredity) can also be obtained. Angioedema can be triggered by similar things that can cause allergic reactions, such as food, drugs, star dandruff, pollen, insect stings, exposure to heat, cold, sunlight, pressure on the skin, etc. Hereditary angioedema can also be triggered by the above, but can also be triggered by other common things such as stress, minor illnesses (such as cold coughs), heavy physical activity, hormonal changes (for example during menstruation).

Swelling in the lip area really needs to be aware of, because it may also occur in the swelling of the mouth such as the tongue and throat. Swelling of the tongue and throat can cause breathing problems that can harm the child. You should immediately bring your child to the pediatrician so that further tests can be done. We recommend that you bring it when symptoms recur so that the doctor can also see directly the child's condition when the relapse. If you see a child's face and body turn blue, immediately take it to the hospital and do not delay. these conditions may indicate the child cannot breathe properly and his body does not get enough oxygen.

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