Swollen Eyes Due To Allergies.?

Illustration of Swollen Eyes Due To Allergies.?
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I am allergic to food at the age of 25 If my allergic condition has become swollen, usually using eucalyptus oil is cured. It’s already taking medicine but the swelling is still there, even though it’s reduced, how do I reduce the swelling in my eyes quickly? Or usually the day the swelling will disappear?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Allergy is a condition where the body responds excessively to a protein called an allergen, and can come from anywhere, food, drinks, medicine, cosmetics, dust, animal hair, pollen, and so forth. This condition causes the appearance of various symptoms, such as swelling, itching, watery eyes, runny nose, even severe ones can experience shortness of breath and fainting.

So far no one knows why someone can experience a specific allergy to certain allergens. Thus, there is no drug that can completely eliminate allergies, but only relieve symptoms. If later the person is exposed to the same allergen, then he will experience allergies again. Even so, there are people who can recover from allergies, but it happens by itself and for no apparent reason.

In your case, if the complaint is still persistent, you should continue to take the medicine, up to a maximum of 3-5 days, then return to the doctor if it still hasn't disappeared after the medicine has run out. This is important to ensure that what you are experiencing is indeed allergic, and not an inflammatory process or other medical condition. What is clear, during healing, you should not eat foods that trigger allergies.

Meanwhile, compress swollen parts with warm compresses, keep your body clean, and consult a doctor immediately if the condition worsens or does not go away. So, hopefully answering your question.

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