Swollen Eyes On The Right Do Not Heal?

Illustration of Swollen Eyes On The Right Do Not Heal?
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Hello, my ophthalmologist has experienced swelling on the right until now 3 days have not healed. I searched on Google, he said it was compressed using ice water, but how come it was swollen, so what is the best medicine for treating swollen eyes?

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Hello Khadijahst,

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Swelling in the right eye can occur as a result of the following conditions:

Crying out Less or too much sleep Insect bites Contact dermatitis, for example when your eyes come in contact with certain cosmetics or ointments Infection, for example due to bacteria, fungi Other eye conditions, such as blepharitis, hordeolum, preseptal cellulitis, benign or malignant tumors, keratitis other than the eyes, such as kidney failure, heart failure, allergies, etc. In order to reduce swelling, indeed you can first apply cold compresses (such as ice cubes) or warm. However, depending on the cause, this action can cure, can also just minimize complaints. If the cause of your complaint is limited to lack of sleep, this action might be able to cure your complaint without the need for special treatment. However, if the cause is a bacterial infection, of course you need to get other therapies, for example antibiotics. Therefore, it is better to check your complaint to the doctor or ophthalmologist so that the best treatment is given, ok?

At this time, you can do it first:

Continue to compress the eyes with a cold or warm compress (choose which one is most comfortable for you) Do not hold eyes with dirty hands Do not massage the eyes excessively Rest, raise your head from other parts of the body Avoid putting anything in the eyes Do not cry too much, do not also sleep too late at night Reduce food containing salt Do not carelessly use cosmetics or other chemical products around the eyes Use protective glasses if necessary Hope it helps yes ..

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