Swollen Feet After Falling From The Motor?

Illustration of Swollen Feet After Falling From The Motor?
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This morning … last Friday I fell off the motorbike quite hard, but there were blisters on the legs. The right leg has been swollen until now, but when it is moved or made a way, it does not hurt, only the swelling is a little disturbing. What is the swelling caused by what? And how long normally does the swelling occur? Thank you

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Hello Aylia, Thank you for the question.

The impact of the injury / impact you experience on your feet depends on the strength of the impact on your feet. This accident can cause injuries, fractures, injuries to soft tissue such as injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments. Complaints that you experience after this collision usually include injury, swelling, bruising, pain, movement disorders. If you can still move your legs and can walk, the probable cause of this swelling is an injury to the soft tissue mentioned above. However, of course to ensure that you are still advised to see a doctor. The doctor needs to ask you about the mechanism of the injury and your complaint. The doctor will usually suggest X-rays to make sure there are no broken bones. If there really isn't a broken or cracked bone, then the swelling you experience is indeed due to a soft tissue injury. The doctor will provide further treatment according to your condition. The doctor will usually do a swelling on the swollen area. This condition will usually gradually decrease in 2 weeks but some will last for several weeks.

You can do the following suggestions:

don't walk too much, rest swollen feet
apply ice packs on the swollen feet for the first 3 days after the injury. If after 3 days the leg is still swollen, you can apply a warm compress to the leg. This compress is done several times a day
lift the swollen foot so that its position is higher for example when sleeping, put a pillow under the leg; the goal is to help reduce swelling
Hopefully this information is useful.

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