Swollen Feet And Difficulty Walking?

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Hi. I want to ask. it’s been almost a week my legs are swollen. I have taken swelling medicine from the health center, but it has no effect. before that my leg was injured in the hinge. already 3 weeks ago. now I can walk again. but the swelling is inhibiting. the swollen surface is like a child’s toy candle if we squeeze it. is that alright

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Hello Nofi, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

To be able to diagnose swollen feet, need to know more clearly the following things:

Does swelling occur on both legs or just one foot? Does swelling occur in the entire leg (for example from the calf down) or in certain joints (for example in the knee joint, ankle, or toes)? Are there other symptoms such as pain, redness, blueness, stiffness in the joints, decreased joint space, etc.? If swelling occurs on the entire leg, then the possible causes include:

disorders of the heart (eg heart failure) disorders of the kidneys (eg nephrotic syndrome, kidney failure) disorders of the liver (eg liver failure, cirrhosis of the liver) disorders of the leg arteries (eg varicose veins, DVT, peripheral arterial disease) other causes, such as filariasis , hypothyroidism, beriberi, malnutrition, etc. If swelling occurs in the joints, then several possible causes include:

Injury to the joints and bones around the joint rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis gout arthritis pseudogout (buildup of calcium crystals in the joints) joint infections (septic arthritis) lupus etc. It is recommended that you do a direct examination to the doctor so you can do a direct physical examination of the swelling in your legs . If indeed you have already gone to the health center and the symptoms have not improved, you should ask for a referral to a specialist in internal medicine so that further examination can be done, for example by laboratory tests, or radiological examinations.

Each of the above diseases has a different prognosis, so before knowing the diagnosis with certainty, it cannot be said whether the condition is safe or not. Some of the causes of the swelling above can actually be dangerous if not treated immediately. Therefore it is better you do a direct examination to the doctor as soon as possible.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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