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HealthReplies.com my legs are swollen because of the blast, 5 fingers above my ankles, how many times, when I want to stand up, I want to faint, I want to faint, then I give out cold sweat, is that normal or what? yes? Thanks

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Related to staggering and fainting and swelling in the legs, it should be noted and equipped with some relevant information such as since when exactly the symptoms were experienced, how long the pain lasts, whether accompanied by pus coming out of the swelling, whether walking can still be as usual whether the pain is always triggered by movement. As well as a sense of fainting and staggering whether accompanied by complaints of spinning dizziness, which is felt when you want to fall whether because of not being able to hold the burden of the legs or because of dizziness. Based on complaints made, there is a possibility that the diagnosis is still quite extensive, especially if it is fainting and staggering

- Anemia
- Low blood pressure related to position (orthostatic hypotension)
- Withstand severe pain in the legs

Anemia is a condition of lack of red blood cells to spread oxygen to the body so that the adequacy of oxygen in the surrounding tissue is not met. Some of the symptoms that arise are easily tired in activity, skin appears pale, easily feels dizzy and staggering, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath - short, hands and feet feel cold, and limb cramps.

Position related low blood pressure is a condition where there is a significant decrease in blood pressure when changing positions, especially from lying down to standing. Geala experienced is dizziness when changing positions, blurred vision, weakness, staggering, nausea to fainting. This is related to several other causes such as disorders of the heart, low glucose in the body, lack of fluids.

The condition to withstand severe pain will cause the body to feel weak associated with activation of the nervous system. If the leg pain is very severe, especially if it is accompanied by difficulty moving and swelling to get faster and faster, it should be checked by a hospital for imaging and it will be better to see a bone specialist for a complete examination.

To reduce the symptoms of fainting and staggering, then the following things can be done.

- Enough nutrition and multiply green vegetables
- Adequate fluid intake
- Position change is not sudden
- Exercise light and routine

If it is related to pain, it can be helped with painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, and feet are positioned in the most comfortable position and compressed with a towel wrapped in ice for comfort.

Further information can be seen in the following article: anemia, orthostatic hypotension

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