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, I’m Rossa, my grandmother has been sick for a long time, almost 2 months ago she was swollen in her legs after returning from the hospital, I only tried to compress once or two times when the initial swollen but until now it still hasn’t improved, it has been checked several times still the same Will there not be any harmful effects if the feet remain swollen?

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Hello Rossa,

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Swollen feet in the elderly may indicate the following conditions:

Subtle blood flow, such as sitting too long bending, walking or running long distances, using tight pants
Foot infections, such as cellulitis, abscesses
Insect bite
Filariasis (filarial worm infection that causes disruption of lymphatic flow)
Varicose veins (swollen veins of the lower limbs due to incompetence of the valve)
Inflammation in the joints, for example due to rheumatoid arthritis, gout
Congestive heart failure
Kidney, liver, metabolic disorders, and so on

Very diverse possibilities that can cause swelling at your grandmother's feet. Therefore, to be sure, we recommend that you consult him directly to the doctor so that further tests are carried out, for example by laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound, and so on. In this way, of course the doctor can give your grandmother the best management, such as medication or maybe surgery (depending on the cause). If necessary, the doctor can refer your grandmother to the right specialist, such as a surgeon, internal medicine, or other specialist.

You can help your grandmother overcome her complaints by:

Let your grandmother rest more, give her loose and comfortable clothes
Elevate your grandmother's feet when lying down, like by being propped up by a pillow or hung
Do not carelessly massage your grandmother's swollen feet
Encourage your grandmother to not bend her legs excessively
Give your grandmother a healthy meal and drink, reduce foods that contain lots of salt
Don't carelessly give your grandmother medicine without doctor's advice

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