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Morning 😊 Sorry, I want to ask .. my father was hospitalized on the 16th February, discharged from the hospital on the 19th February. Due to diarrhea and after returning from the house, his leg was swollen until now but it didn’t hurt. Drugs given by the doctor include – omeprazole 20 mg – Ksr 600 mg – metronidazole 500 mg – preronal. Approximately what steps I took to reduce swelling in the remaining legs

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Peripheral edema, or better known as swollen feet is a health condition that occurs due to a buildup of fluid in the legs or ankles. This condition can occur because you stand too long, walk, or sit. Swollen feet can also be a sign if you are overweight, lazy to move, or have certain medical conditions. Swollen feet are usually not painful, unless they are caused by an injury. Someone who has swollen legs may be a little disturbed to perform daily activities.

There are several causes of swollen feet including:

activity that is too long
the effects of certain medications such as steroids, antidepressants, heart disease medications such as amlodipine. Be sure to consult a doctor if you suspect that your medication is causing swelling in the lower extremities. Do not stop using the drug before you consult a doctor first.
Blood clots: Blood clots in blood vessels in the legs will cause obstruction of blood flow from the legs to the heart. The buildup of frozen blood can trigger swollen feet.
Disease: Swollen feet can indicate that a person has kidney, heart or liver disease. When the kidney is disrupted or cannot function properly, fluid can accumulate in the legs resulting in swelling.

You should immediately bring your father consult again to the doctor who treats your father, to ensure the cause of swelling in your father's feet, because it seems like your doctor is prescribing medicine for the kidneys. seb sebnyanya you make sure the doctor who treats and asks about your father's pain what medication is given for anything, so you and your family are not mistaken.

There are several things you can do at home:

Raise legs whenever your father lies down. The foot must be raised so that it is higher than the heart. You might want to place a pillow under your feet to make it more comfortable.
Stay active and focus stretching and moving your legs.
Reduce your salt intake, which can reduce the amount of fluid that can accumulate in the legs.
Stand or walk at least once every hour, especially if your father stays sitting or standing for long periods.

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