Swollen Fingers

Illustration of Swollen Fingers
Illustration: Swollen Fingers

Doc wants to ask my friend’s finger to swell after being pricked by a rusty pin. What should you do, doc?

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Hello Fatika,

Thank you for the question.

A rusty pin pricked can trigger inflammation, which makes the finger swell, redness, pain, and warm when touched. If it is secondary, it can also become festering and produce an unpleasant odor. Not infrequently, in these rusty needles against dangerous bacteria, including Clostridium tetani which causes tetanus disease. Therefore, these wounds caused by rusty needles cannot always be taken lightly.

Our advice, teach you first to resolve the complaint by:

Clean the wound regularly with sterile gauze soaked with NaCl or povidone iodine, press so that the stools come out, don't rub or scrape excess.
Do not close the wound too tight
Warm compresses to swollen areas
Rest your hands whose fingers have been pierced by needles first, do not use them for excessive activity, let alone wet

Furthermore, he can check the wound to a doctor or surgeon. That way, the wound condition can be evaluated, whether it requires further treatment, such as debridement, tetanus injections, and so on.

Hope this helps ...

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