Swollen Fingertips After Strenuous Activity?

Illustration of Swollen Fingertips After Strenuous Activity?
Illustration: Swollen Fingertips After Strenuous Activity? Bing

doctor, I’m Lina 21 years old.rnDoc, some of the fingertips of my right hand such as my thumb, forefinger and fingers sometimes hurt when I do a little strenuous activity, then now my thumb is a little swollen on the palm and if pressed it hurts after Yesterday I used activities (driving a motorbike) non-stop for a few hours in 2 days.rnIf I move my wrist, it will affect my sore fingers.rnWhy is that? And how to solve it?rnThank you.

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Good morning Nur, thank you for your question

Some of the causes of pain in your fingers that may be experienced include:

·       Most CTS (Carpal tunnel syndrome)

·      Rheumatoid arthritis

·      Conditions of dehydration

·       Stroke Multiple Sclerosis

·      Raynaud’s disease

·      history of diabetes

· kidney disorders

·      hormonal imbalance

·      vitamin B12 deficiency

·      etc.

If you see your complaint, then the possibility of the disease you are experiencing is carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS or 'carpal tunnel syndrome' is a condition where there is a tingling sensation, numbness, or pain caused by pinching of the 'median' nerve in the carpal tunnel in the wrist area. Generally the affected parts are the thumb, middle finger, and index finger.

The cause of the complaint is activity/work that repeatedly uses hands for a long period of time, such as non-stop typing, grinding, riding a motorcycle, writing or washing clothes etc.

To confirm the diagnosis of the cause of the tingling you are experiencing, you should consult a doctor or neurologist for an immediate examination to determine the cause. The doctor will ask about your complaints and perform a physical examination and may also perform supporting examinations such as blood tests, X-rays and EMG.

In overcoming tingling, handling can be done with

1.    change a healthier lifestyle.

2.   Always exercise regularly.

3.           If you have a chronic disease ( such as diabetes, etc.), it is always well controlled.

4.    Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

5.   Always maintain a more ideal body weight.

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May be useful,

dr. Dian

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