Swollen Gum Toothache In 9-month Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Swollen Gum Toothache In 9-month Pregnant Women?
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I want to ask, I am 9 months pregnant I have experienced severe toothache and swollen gums if I rub or eat, the pain is extraordinary, I am not given to the dentist appun only amoxillin and paracetamol apk Is there another way?

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Hello Nurahmah,

Thank you for the question.

Toothache and swollen gums can be caused by cavities, dental plaque buildup, or impacted teeth (new teeth that grow urgently on other tooth structures) which will make the gums swell and cause infections in the structure of the teeth and gums. Doctors will usually evaluate your complaints , do a check on the teeth, and conduct investigations if needed such as dental x-rays, and provide treatment that suits your condition, in this case if an infection occurs you are given anti-pain and antibiotics, like the two drugs that have been given to you.

Both drugs given to you are in accordance with the indications, and are safe drugs for pregnant women. You are advised to routinely take antibiotics every 8 hours or 3 times a day until the drug runs out, and pain medication every 6-8 hours per day. In addition, here are other suggestions you can take to reduce complaints:

Compressing swollen teeth with ice water.
Gargle with warm water and salt.
Maintain dental hygiene by brushing your teeth when you wake up, before breakfast, and before going to bed. You can also clean teeth with dental floss.
Reducing foods that are sweet, fizzy, or contain caffeine.

Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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