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, my name is Rida aged 25 years. So you see, 2 years ago my jaw was TMJ. Sempet was treated and received treatment for approximately 8 months and thank God it was healed. At that time, the doctor advised me to take it but until now I have not been able to do the treatment. My previous complaints during TMJ, such as earaches, grinding teeth, headaches, etc. are gone, but aesthetically, my left and right cheeks are not symmetrical even though my TMJ has healed. Previously, the doctor advised me to train my right jaw muscle by chewing, because my habit has always been chewing on the left and it is suspected that my right jaw muscle is stiff so it often hurts when used, even swelling for days. My question is, what should I do so that my right tooth does not swell again when used? Is this still related to the TMJ I experienced before? Because my cheek is more angled to the left, and my right cheek is smaller than the right. Answer please. Thanks.

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Hello Rida,

Your complaint is swollen gums and pain in your jaw when you chew. Complaints of pain in the jaw can be caused by swollen gums, cavities, TMJ disorders, and infection of the jawbone.

Swollen gums are most often caused by a buildup of plaque due to poor oral hygiene, making it prone to infection. In addition, swollen gums can also be affected by dental disorders, malnutrition, and drug side effects.

For now you can try to do the following tips:

Consumption of foods that are soft, easy to chew and easy to swallow Avoid foods that are too hard, sticky, or too sweet Exercise chewing alternately by choosing soft foods first Keep your teeth and mouth clean by brushing your teeth twice a day in the morning and at night before going to bed Use dental floss if necessary and gargle after eating. Drink lots of cold compressed water on the cheeks if swollen or painful If you have applied the tips above but you still experience recurring complaints, I suggest that you check with your dentist so that you can do a direct examination if necessary. X-rays to confirm the condition of your gums, teeth and jaw. Furthermore, the dentist can provide more optimal treatment for you. Treatment will be adjusted to your condition.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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