Swollen Gums And Painful Swallowing.?

Illustration of Swollen Gums And Painful Swallowing.?
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Hello, I want to ask, I feel painful and rich in a prick in the gum and dizzy in the nutmeg, and just swallowing it feels bad and painful, that’s why

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Hello Nurfaziah,

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Painful gums usually indicate inflammation (gingivitis). This condition often occurs due to the accumulation of food waste plaque which is used as a place for harmful bacteria to grow and breed. In addition to pain, inflamed gums will also appear reddish, swollen, and can cause bad breath. Pain in the gums due to ginggivitis can also spread to the throat and even the entire head as you experience it.

Aside from gingivitis, your complaints can also be caused by other causes, for example viral or bacterial infections (eg tonsillopharyngitis, sialadenitis, dental abscesses, parotitis), irritation, dry throat, malignancy around the oral cavity, and so on.

This condition can be checked directly by a doctor so that appropriate treatment is given. If it is suspected that the problem is purely from the gums, the doctor can direct you to be treated further by the dentist.

The following steps you can take for a while:

Drinking paracetamol as a pain reliever while drinking more water. Don't eat hard, spicy and excessive oily foods. Don't talk too much and scream too much. Break more. Diligently brush your teeth and rinse with salt solution. help huh ..

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