Swollen Hands After Scalding?

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,, how to deal with swelling in the hands after being scalded … in children aged 15 months … thank you

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Hello Chusnull, thank you for the question.

Burns in children are certainly very worrying for parents. Children can become stressed or traumatized. Burns in children generally occur due to contact with hot objects, both solid, liquid, or gas. Burns can be classified according to the severity of the wound and according to the surface area of ​​the body affected.

The degree of burn can be divided to:

degree 1: burns that affect the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. Generally the skin looks red, dry, and very painful.
second degree: burns on the epidermis and the dermis below. Wounds are usually red, swollen, painful, and accompanied by large blisters filled with water.
degree 3: the whole layer of skin is burned can even reach the muscles and bones underneath.

Handling of degree 1 can be done alone at home, grade 2 generally requires professional help to clean the wound so as not to get infected, while grade 3 includes emergency departments that must be treated promptly with intensive care.

Mothers should provide additional information in the form of area of ​​burns in any affected area, and what kind of burns that occur. It is important to know the right course of action. From the description, it is written that the possibility of the mother's child experiencing a burn of grade 1 or 2. Then what mothers can do when they find the child affected by the burn is, immediately keep the child away from the heat source, flow the wound with clean water for at least 15-20 minutes, if there are clothes affected by hot objects must be removed from the child immediately, if there are clothes or other materials that are sticky to the wound do not be removed, after that wrap the wound with clean gauze that is cleaned. Do not wrap the wound with cotton because it will stick to the wound, and do not apply materials such as oil or toothpaste because burns are very easily infected. Don't break the blister. Be careful in wiping a child's body.

You should immediately consult a doctor directly so you can assess the severity of the burn.

Hope this answer helps. Regards.

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