Swollen Hands And Feet In Leprosy Patients?

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Hello Ichaayu

Actually all medicines, food, and drinks have a risk of liver or kidney disorders, so it is not only limited to leprosy drugs. The leprosy medicine as long as it is not expired and is not damaged (damaged packaging, not wet, not moldy, etc.) will of course have the efficacy as it should be, however, the drugs still have the possibility (meaning not always) will aggravate the liver or liver function. kidney so that if allowed to continue, eventually the function of the liver or kidneys will decrease.

The doctor who has examined your sister must have had reasons for stating this, however, it is advisable for your sister to immediately return to the doctor at the health center who gave the leprosy drug so that her current condition can be re-evaluated and compare it with previous medical records when she was about to be given the leprosy treatment to make sure Is it true that the complaints experienced by your sister are due to leprosy drugs or because there are other causes.

Complaints of swollen feet and hands themselves can be caused by various things, such as allergic reactions, blood flow disorders, heart failure, kidney disorders, severe infections are some examples of conditions that can cause swollen feet and hands in addition to liver problems.

Treatment of leprosy takes a long time, because the bacteria that cause leprosy are quite difficult to eradicate so it takes months or even years depending on the condition of the patient and also the response to the treatment. If there is a condition where the treatment is not completed or is interrupted in the middle of the road, it will be very risky to cause the bacteria that cause leprosy to become resistant to the leprosy drug, so that later it will be increasingly difficult to eradicate the bacteria that cause leprosy.

Therefore, a reassessment by a doctor who handles leprosy treatment or it can also go to another doctor is very important, so the doctor can carry out a series of examinations ranging from basic health checks, to liver function tests that may be needed to get an overview of your sister's current liver condition. That way the doctor can plan the right treatment for his leprosy (whether it's dose adjustment, changing to another class of medicine) or treating the condition of his swollen hands and feet.

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