Swollen Head After Brain Tumor Surgery?

Illustration of Swollen Head After Brain Tumor Surgery?
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Hello, I want to ask, why is it that after undergoing surgery for my mother’s brain tumor how come her head is getting worse, her head is swollen, her eyes are narrow, thank you

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Tumors in the brain can include benign tumors and malignant tumors. There are many types of tumors that can occur in the brain. Basically, tumors in the brain occur when abnormal cells grow in the brain. Tumors in the brain can also occur due to the spread of cancer from tumors that originate in other organs. When a tumor grows to press on a part of the brain, it can interfere with the function of the suppressed brain. Therefore, both benign and malignant tumors in the brain are quite dangerous and need to be treated properly. After the patient is examined directly by the doctor and undergoes a series of investigations, the doctor will determine the possible type of tumor and stage of the tumor being experienced. The patient then plans actions based on these assessments. In addition to removing the tumor, surgery is also needed to determine exactly what type of tumor is occurring. In certain types of tumors, patients need to undergo other procedures after surgery. Sometimes, the tumor cannot be removed surgically or surgery cannot safely remove the entire tumor. If this happens, other procedures are needed to clear the remaining tumor, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Every action taken has its own risks. However, if according to the doctor the benefits of surgery outweigh the risks, it still needs to be done even though the risks are quite large. In your mother's case, there may be complications from surgery or indeed the present situation is a complication of your mother's brain tumor. The risk of complications depends on the type and stage of the tumor, the location of the tumor, the residual tumor after surgery, whether there are genetic disorders, and the patient's general health before experiencing the tumor. If your mother's condition looks worse, you should immediately take your mother to the doctor who treats your mother or to the nearest hospital emergency room. The doctor will examine your mother's condition and explain what happened and how it was handled.

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