Swollen Palms In A 9 Month Old Child?

Doctor, my son’s palm is swollen, there is a red spot may be a bug bite. How to handle it?

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Swelling and reddish spots on the baby's hands can be caused by insect bites or other animals. Usually, swelling and reddish spots arising from this cause will cause the sufferer to feel itchy, sore, sore, and other sensations of being unwell. Depending on the type of insect or animal that bites, this condition can be mild, but can also be dangerous.

It could also, swelling and reddish spots on the hand occur due to other factors, for example:

Skin infections, such as folliculitis, fungal infections, miliaria (prickly heat), abscesses Contact dermatitis, such as from contact with soap, detergents, or certain chemicals Side effects of drugs Viral or other bacterial infections, etc. The current question is how long it has been are these complaints your baby having? Does it make him fussy, have a fever, look in pain, or experience other, more severe complaints?

If the swelling and red spots have appeared for 3 days or more, we recommend that you do not let it drag on. Check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician to further evaluate possible causes. If the condition is pure due to insect bites, complaints can often improve enough by giving topical medicines, for example in the form of creams or ointments.

In the meantime, avoid giving careless handling to your baby's hands. Always clean your baby's hands of dirt or other harmful substances. Compress swollen baby's hands with warm water. Encourage your child not to pinch or scratch excessive hands that have complaints. Do not forget, if indeed in your home many insects or other animals that are potentially dangerous, get rid of these animals so as not to harm your baby.

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